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July 20, 2008

Cooktress, meet Technology

I've had nothing but free time this past week, since the job I secured on Monday doesn't start until tomorrow. I've spent nearly all of that time cooking, cleaning/laundering, reading about Sylvia Plath or watching episodes of AMC's Mad Men . In other words, I am learning to become a housewife straight out of the early 1960s-- albeit under the tutelage of Ms. Plath, one with rather consuming emotional problems.

I mean, after doing laundry I ROYGBIV'd the boyfriend's tshirts, for god's sake.

In an effort to get back to the culinary ascendancy I achieved in college, I've been busting out all the old standbys: orzo with roasted vegetables, curried chicken salad, zesty tomato soup and black bean soup. I've been getting creative with leftovers, too, taking the ingredients Ma bought for a salade nicoise when she was here and turning them into mashed potatoes with a mushroom-shallot sauce and avocado-feta paninis.

Creating a dish last night, however, threw this cooktress for a loop. We were invited to a vegan potluck. I can do meatless dishes no sweat, but no butter? no eggs? no milk? That eliminates nearly everything from my canon of cookery. I finally settled upon a dish of yams and broccoli and nearly sliced my phillanges off trying to cut through those blasted roots. I wasn't confident in the vittles' quality, and made sure to tell my host.

My related my tale of the futile search to a fellow guest.

"I near tore apart my cookbooks looking for something to bring!" I said.
"Do you have the Internet?" she asked.

Oh, snap.


  1. Oh Nugget,

    THANK you for posting again. I've been anticipating a new post for ever so long.

    How's that congestion condition? Is the Honey helping?

    How did that Broccoli Yam concoction turn out?

    What are you bringing to the BBQ today?

    Your longest, biggest, most ardent fan in the whole wide world

  2. Why not bring a package of them miniature carrots and a big 'ol jar of Helman's mayonnaise? Seems feastive enough to me...

  3. Mayonnaise has eggs, so that's a no go.

    So...does ROYGBIV imply that the boyf's t-shirts have been color-organized?

  4. Ma Nuggett:

    Please stop correcting me in public! We had this discussion at home and now everyone and their uncle knows that mayo has eggs in it. Okay, I'm simply too dumb to live...


  5. Pa Nugget:

    Now you've blown my cover. I guess we're even.