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About moi

I have lived in Minnesota, California, the District of Columbia, and Oregon. Now I live in a small town in Burgundy, France.

I've worked as a reporter on the eminent domain, Amy Klobuchar, and dead animal beats. As a teenager I developed a spa treatment called "Soft Hands to the Omnimaxium" while working at an Imax dome theater that uses pretzel salt, melted golden topping, and sanitary gloves to give you incredibly smooth skin. I spent two years geeking out about fundraising databases. Now I work as an English teacher at the local high school.

A French lady once asked me why I decided to move to France. I told her, "J'ai voulu beaucoup d'aventures avant de me marier." Apparently that means I wanted to be very promiscuous before getting married. Since that is not at all what I intended to convey, now I just tell people I came to France because I wanted to discover the New Nutella.

And I did, dear readers. Her name is Speculoos.

Shoot me a line: neenuhfranceypants(at)gmail(dot)com.

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