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October 20, 2012

Home Wish List

Must have:
-Three bedrooms
-Two bathrooms
-Medium back yard
-Finished basement
-New windows

Would like to have:
-Stained glass windows in every room
-Secret passages
-Absurd amount of cupboard space in the kitchen (like enough to store several small children in (for hide and seek purposes))
-Window seats
-Treasures from times gone by hidden away in the attic
-Claw-foot bathtub

Must not have:*
-Vagrant men who pee in the backyard
-Ripped-out crown molding
-Haunted basement/attic
-A pervasive odor of cat pee
-Cast iron boiler circa 1903
-A store called "Liquor Barrel" around the corner

*All things present in houses we looked at today