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February 2, 2011

My next year's going to be total crêpe

Before we begin today, I need you to admire this insanely awesome sweatshirt I got in Paris at a store where everything was 10E or less:

The big print says, "South Dakota/ It's all yours/ School/ Master/ Scheludes" (yes, scheludes) and on the bottom left it says, "South Dakota Middle School." France, I love you so much sometimes it hurts.

OK. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. We learned on Monday that France doesn't celebrate Groundhog Day, but apparently the second of February plays host to its very own French fête. La Chandeleur has religious significance like pretty much every other holiday here, but secularly (and, more importantly), it's become the day of the crêpe.

Lore says you are supposed to flip your crêpes with a coin under your thumb, and if you're successful you'll be graced with prosperity for the rest of the year. Below is a photo essay of how my next 365 days are going to shape up:

That's right, my next year is going to be terrible and unprosperous because I can't flip a stinking crêpe. This one landed right-side up. Another legend says you're supposed to keep the first crêpe you make on the top of your armoire for the rest of the year, but I was so depressed at failing my flip that I had to eat my feelings.


  1. I totally had to "lol" at the fourth picture. Your body position is all like "WTF just happened?"

    Poor you. This next year will just be a 360 degree revolution?

    Well, it hasn't been that bad so far, right? ;-)

    Also: kudos to you for attempting to do some flipping. My limited skillz won't allow me to even make a Spanish omelette without breaking it.

    -Barb the French Bean

  2. Nini. Do French people drink out of sippie cups or WHAT?

  3. Waff, I was dining with a 5-year-old. But the cup was mine. :)

  4. Wine in sippy cups is just safe drinking.

  5. So much fun to re-live this February 2nd post!