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February 9, 2011

Walk hard

So for the longest time, whenever I wore thin socks with my brown Earth shoes and I was walking kind of hard,  I would get a piercing pain in my left heel. 

I often inspected that shoe to see if there was a rock or something in it, but I never found anything. I've been convinced that I had a splinter deep in my left heel that I was never going to be able to get out. Today it was particularly ouchy, and as I limped home I bemoaned the fact that my trip to Italy was going to be RUINED-- RUINED I TELL YOU! How was I supposed to romantically stroll among the piazzas and the vias and the gelatos if I couldn't walk?

But just now I had an idea. I took the lining out of the offending shoe, and sure enough, there it was: A NAIL. It was wedged deep into the sole, and camouflaged by the insert. It was a tiny little guy, but sharp as the tooth of a lion that's riding a shark.

I have been walking on a nail for months.


  1. Haha! That is horrible. I think you should SERIOUSLY contact the company. They love doling out reparations for mishaps! I'd say give it a try and wait until you get a new pair!

  2. Yes! You should have videotaped the entire endeavor and posted it to the company's facebook page. That would have gotten you at LEAST one million dollars.

  3. Oh ladies. This isn't Earth's fault. It's Mother Earth's fault for allowing me to walk on this piece of rusty metal and carry it with me for so many moons and so many miles.

  4. o_O"

    How do you say "tetanus booster" in French?

    -Barb the French Bean