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February 8, 2011

Freak Show

The sun managed to burn through the morning's gloom for a few hours, and I was enjoying a reappearance of those rare golden rays. Then, out of nowhere, things got all Brigadoon-like. One block it was cheerful sunshine, and the next: boom. Thick, sinister fog.

It was the perfect time to check out the cemetery that's a block away from my abode. From the number of people I see frequenting it, going to the cemetery has to rank among the Top Five Digoin Pastimes. I've been wanting to visit for many moons, but I felt too conspicuous with my awkward gait and my pink camera sock and my Americaness. But fog provided the perfect cover for some stealth creepy photography.

One time I walked into my 11th grade English class and my teacher greeted me with, "Hey Freak Show." As I snaked my way through the crypts of Digoin's dearly departed I thought, "Yup. That's about right."


  1. Beautiful shots, Nina. When I visited Kyle in Seattle we had an entire freak show photo shoot in a cemetery too. Our freakishness brings us together.

  2. These pictures are awesome, Nina. The fog here isn't as ever blue as blue as in these pictures! Beauts.

  3. Gorgeous shots. I love going to cemetaries (especially in France). Lots of atmosphere.

  4. Mlle Freakshow ou pas, the photographs are very cool.

  5. Awesome pictures. Are you sure you don't like horror movies?