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February 6, 2011

Carrots for dinner

Dessiné par l'artiste Valentin
Sunday lunches in France are quite economical. I eat a tiny breakfast of tea and maybe a Speculoos cookie or two in anticipation. And afterward, I'm so painfully full that there's no need to eat dinner. Sometimes I skip breakfast the next day too because I'm still digesting.

After stuffing myself with course after course of the most delectable, gourmet food of my life at a New Year's Day feast chez ma famille française, I told them I was planning on eating nothing but a carrot for dinner. Today, budding 12-year-old artist Valentin drew a picture of me as a rabbit after another gigantic and delicious lunch of vegetables, chicken, crêpes and, euh, rabbit.

Très bien fait, non? Merci Valentin!


  1. Valentin is a wonderful artist!!!

  2. 12? Jeez, that's kid's good! I also love his handwriting :)

  3. I just had one of those types of lunches too! Oh, the french!

  4. Oui, merci Valentin! That's just hysterical.