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June 24, 2009

Working on my fitness

I joined a gym a few weeks ago and decided to start a self-imposed diet at the same time. My diet is called, "Don't Eat Crap" and involves lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. The one slice of cheese I have on my daily lunch sandwich is OK but all other cheeses are out. Olives are OK, but only seven at a time. I've been munching lots of salads from Whole Foods and carrot-beet-kale juices from the vegan restaurant down the street. As of this morning I'm seven pounds lower than I was when I started my new life plan (on Saturday the scale told me I'd lost 7.5 pounds but I think it was lying).

My plan is to keep weight-lifting until I can open a jar of pickles on my own and cardio until I could successfully hunt a wildebeast. My gym has these crazy elliptical machines that make one look as if one is bounding through a magical fairy forest in attempts to greet a unicorn.

Thus far my gym attire consists of gym shorts I got for cross country in 9th grade that are entirely too short for me and lovely t-shirts such as my bright yellow "Rappel! Ding" shirt from senior year French class or my oversize rhubarb shirt from a much-beloved college roommate.

And that's all I have to say about that.