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October 20, 2012

Home Wish List

Must have:
-Three bedrooms
-Two bathrooms
-Medium back yard
-Finished basement
-New windows

Would like to have:
-Stained glass windows in every room
-Secret passages
-Absurd amount of cupboard space in the kitchen (like enough to store several small children in (for hide and seek purposes))
-Window seats
-Treasures from times gone by hidden away in the attic
-Claw-foot bathtub

Must not have:*
-Vagrant men who pee in the backyard
-Ripped-out crown molding
-Haunted basement/attic
-A pervasive odor of cat pee
-Cast iron boiler circa 1903
-A store called "Liquor Barrel" around the corner

*All things present in houses we looked at today


  1. Things to add to your list:

    Must not have:
    Thatched roof--while a picturesque feature, critters like to crawl in to the thatch, but "rain" down on the family in heavy storms. Hence, "it's raining cats and dogs."

  2. Oohh, you guys are house hunting? To buy or rent? Did you put an offer in? I want to know…this is such an exciting time in life!

  3. Blergmore, Neenuhfranceypants. IF THAT'S YOUR REAL NAME. Seriously though, it seems like there should be updates.