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September 29, 2011

Thus ends the Best Year Ever

L'shanah tova, Francey Pantsers!

Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, and all us tribelings spent the day ringing in 5772 with apples and honey, some shofar tooting, lots of singin' and prayin' (and maybe a little schmooze or a kvetch), etc.

I've got high hopes for '72, but I doubt any year could top the one I just had. Here's just a sampling of all the awesome:
The last few months have been very change-y for me, with a new address, new job, and new marital status. I think that will be the theme of 5772: Settling Down Now that My Ya-Yas are Spent. 

Wishing a year of peace for you, my friends. And plenty of Force G.


  1. I LOVE those G Force ads in France, they amuse me greatly. So silly, yet I can see how they might be effective!

  2. I forgot about the stabbing shoe. Classic! You know what I didn't forget about though? The grocery store.