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January 26, 2011

The correct response is, "Who is Robert Pattinson?"

Today I played a trivia game with some sophomores. One of the questions asked the students to name the British actor who starred in two of the decade's most successful fantasy franchises: Harry Potter and Twilight.

The students whose turn it was were absolutely stumped. "Euh...vampire?" they asked. "Yes, he played a vampire. But what was the actor's name?" Other students tried to help them out by calling out the names of the French versions of the Twilight books.




And then one student yelled, "Pénétration!"

I probably should have punished him. I definitely shouldn't have started giggling. But dang, that was clever.


  1. Oh, the minds of teenage boys. Scratch that. Oh, the minds of boys. I'll try again. Oh, the minds! What a great chain of events/words...and such a funny (pertinent?) reflection on the way it would so often happen -- if Hollywood ruled the world.

  2. Yes, boys. They never grow out of it.