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January 20, 2011

This is the way I am sounding when I am speaking the French, of that I am sure

Of more and more time I speak to myself in my head in the voice that is that of English translated very bad. For it takes much years before one to stop the direct translation from one language in another one and starting to speak the one new extra fluent, and I am so much surrounded by people who speak like this I no more remember the way correct.

I have fear that when the man to which I am marry arriving here the next month, I have the impression he not know what is my meaning. "Why are you so perhaps?" he to demand of me.

Someone propose me to march along the river, and in my head I says, "I am in accordance." Someone propose me to eat of the croissant and in my head I am saying, "That walks." Someone propose of me to march along the river after the eating of the croissant and I am thinking, "I have very much tired for to do that." Then I bed myself.


  1. High LAR ious! You remind me so much of a younger, cuter, more feminine David Sedaris.

  2. ...and you make me laugh just as much as Florence Foresti, whom Nico and I just saw live! ;-)

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I am laughing hysterically! And I totally know what you mean...