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March 26, 2012

V. Presh Sweater Giveaway

I had an extremely productive weekend, during which I managed to increase the amount of time I have between necessity laundry loads by a week thanks to a VS sale, cut short my macaron retirement with a batch of perfect pistachio, made a number of Hunger Games-related puns after viewing said film, and MADE THE CUTEST LITTLE BABY SWEATER YOU EVER DID SEE.

Seriously. How adorbs is that? I was cooing over it like it was a fluffy baby chipmunk when I made those itty bitty sleeves and that adorable little ribbed collar. 

Due to the fact that I have a dearth of 18-month-old little ladies in my life and there are too many boo-boos in this, my first attempt at the pattern, to try to sell it, I'm GIVING IT AWAY! EVERYBODY DANCE!

I think instead of making you tweet about how much you lurve my blog or demanding that you give me a handmade item in exchange, I shall make this a limerick contest similar to the one I unleashed on my coworkers of yore for the grand prize of Curly Hair Classy.

Your mission, Francey Pantsers, is to create the most glorious limerick on the subject of Youth and leave it in the comments by 5:00 p.m. CST this Wednesday, March 28. I will again enlist the help of my Pa, a publisher of Minnesota's finest poets, to judge the bestest. 

May the odds be ever in your favor!

The fine print: Contest limited to those living close enough to yours truly for personal delivery. Exceptions will be made for those who want to kick in a few bucks for shipping.


  1. There once was a youth named Moll
    Who roamed the streets of St. Paul.
    She obstructed the streets
    While tweeting some tweets
    And planning her trips to the mall.

  2. Wonderful! So beautiful! I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it. Now I want to share you some fashionable and cheap Abercrombie Outlet clothes.

  3. There once was a baby named Maya
    Who thought, "NeeNuh I'd like to try-a
    To win with this post
    Because I poop the most
    And green sweaters do match with my eye-a"

  4. Bonjour de PDX Nina,
    A big hello from Portland! It is nice to be able to read your blog from time to time. Seeing you pics of France transports me back to my homeland and in time. Here is my modest attempt to write a few lines in English:
    There once was a little Frenchie
    Who was undoubtedly a cutie
    She dreamed of visiting Duluth in cold Minnesota
    But she was too attached to her mama
    So, petite Marie happily jetted off to Minnesota
    By watching innocently the Little House on the Prairie

  5. My dearest fetus begs me to tell thee
    "Aunt Nina thou art so beautiful and witty"
    Oh please give to my fetus
    Who has yet to meet us
    Thy sweater that shall make her so pretty!

    DD :o)

  6. Off topic, but I'd like to inform you that we granted you the Versatile Blogger Award over at our blog! :D Congratulations!