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December 17, 2010

Holiday melancholia

Right now, at this very moment, my fiancé is sleeping in my bed at my parents' house, having just eaten a scrumptious dinner prepared by my dear mama and presumably having been schooled in Scrabble by my older brother, entertained by He Who Makes Noise (my younger brother), and philosophized to by my papa. And I am so, so jealous.

I'm not usually one who gets homesick very easily, but this is the first holiday season I've spent so far from all my peeps. Oh, how I miss them! How I miss Duluth and Minneapolis and Portland, the places where I've left the largest, most irreplaceable chunks of my heart.

I miss pumpkin pie and Blue Moon beer and doggy bags and big American breakfasts and customers always being right and cookies and gyms where everyone ignores you and always having correct subject/verb agreement and COUCHES and ovens big enough to cook two turkeys if I wanted to and wearing bright colors and cheap haircuts and hot apple cider and knitting and being 100% comprehensible (unless I'm mumbling) and personal space and people caring that Sarah Palin might be our next president and keeping Portland weird and reading real books in English and soft water and...

You. More than anything in the whole entire world, I miss you.


  1. We miss you, too. :-)

    You're not the only one feeling homesickness, ma chère. Keep your chin up!

    -Barb the French Bean

  2. 1st - If I'd known you missed knitting I would have sent you my knitting needles. We don't get along too well.

    2nd - No one really worries about Palin being president. Trust me, I'm Alaskan. And I liked her as our Governor.

  3. Kali's wrong. Many, many people worry and FEAR Palin as president.

    On to more important things--You're almost halfway through your stay. You've made it thus far, you WILL survive.

  4. I miss YOU! Sending you a bridesmaid dress photo tonight when my photographer arrives; stay tuned.

  5. speaking of keeping Portland weird - that's my hometown! Portland Oregon or Portland Maine? I am an assistant in France and found a link to your blog on the Assistantship forums. I'm in Chateau Thierry in the Picardy region. Here's to happy holidays! E-mail me up at if you feel like it