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October 23, 2007

Fears of My Life

Searching for inspiration for a blog post, which I haven't had in a disgustingly long time, I turned to something I remembered hearing on This American Life this summer called "Fears of Your Life." Author Michael Bernard Loggins went through an exhaustive list of everything he was afraid of, from the funny to the creepy to the poignant.

What follows, dear readers, are the fears I have experienced already today.

-Fear of sleeping through my alarm
-Fear of my gross roommate getting into the shower when I need to and making me late
-Fear of getting in the shower and realizing I'm out of shampoo
-Fear of seeing my gross roommate naked
-Fear of my gross roommate seeing me naked
-Fear of my pants being too short
-Fear of forgetting chapstick
-Fear of forgetting my keys and being locked out
-Fear of chemical-laced frozen food causing cancer
-Fear of dropping my wallet on the train tracks
-Fear of dropping my body on the train tracks
-Fear of tripping down escalators
-Fear of the heel of my shoe breaking off in the middle of the day
-Fear of birds pooping on my head
-Fear of people in my office I haven't yet met secretly despising me
-Fear of wildfires
-Fear of outer space
-Fear of my editor thinking I'm stupid

-Fear of smelling the way my kitchen does
-Fear of losing access to the Internet
-Fear of a flaw in my life plan

I'll add to this as the day continues. Fun game: leave comments about your fears.


  1. Fear of the word "Author" being in a different font in this post and not being able to fix it for you. Damn you blogger!!

  2. Fear of using my cell phone as a mouse.

  3. Fear of moving my stuff. Again.

    Fear of not being able to sustain a succulent in my room.

    Fear of meeting people (read: men) post-college.

    Fear of loving pumpkin flavored things too much.

    Fear of underestimating great chunks of life and the world.

    Fear of destroying Earth.

    Fear of holding others to a higher standard than I hold myself to.

    Fear of not appropriately exercising brevity in contexts like this one.