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September 23, 2008

Back to working out and having fun-- with just us gals!

I re-joined Curves last week in an effort to get all healthy-like. My new club is quite nice. It boasts a stretching machine, which my old club had tried in vain to win during a citywide food drive, and two stair stepper stations that measure your heart rate. Yesterday I got up to 166 beats per minute, which corresponds on our heart rate poster to 85 percent. Percent of what, I don't know; but that's a solid "B."

Though I appreciate being in fancy surroundings, I miss sweatin' with my favorite oldie*: my ma. I used to go nuts on the recovery stations (platforms interspersed between the machines where you're supposed to do cardio), flailing my limbs instead of jogging half-heartedly in place (like most of the ladies do) in an effort to get her to crack a smile. I'm left with doing my little hops and sporadic cheerleader arms.

I have yet to encounter a Curves-inspired diorama, but the music at my new athletic home has been a bit on the odd side. On Saturday it was cracked-out Broadway show tunes put to a techno beat. Yesterday it was Hits from the Late Nineties. "Smooth Criminal" from Alien Ant Farm was on there, as were a number of J.Lo hits. Then they played a song with the following lyrics:
"So come on, shorty
If you think you can roll
With an iced-out playa
Ballin' outta control"
I'm sure the sexa- and septuagenarians populating the place really enjoyed that one.

*Just kidding, Ma. You're not old. It was just a really great opportunity for a "jeu des mots," as they say.


  1. Why do you think us old folks can't handle saucy lyrics, young lady? I will have you know that I jitterbugged with a copasetic flapper many a time to Charlie Pickett's 1929 hit "Come On Down The Alley" in my day, and when he said "Come 'round again, Hattie" we knew he wasn't talking to the telegram girl, if you know I mean!

  2. 85% of your max heart rate (which should be between 60-90% for aerobic fitness). This is what 5+ years of going to college for exercise science/physical therapy gets you. Yesssss. I went to curves with angel once...the one on woodland. it was weird (then again, we were in our teens at the time). they should just play spanish flea all day.

  3. This oldie is glad you've gotten back up on the ... recovery station! I miss working out with you too.