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October 7, 2008

I Just Can't Help Believing

I got myself into trouble during my job interview, when I insisted to my soon-to-be boss that I'm most definitely a morning person. While it is the absolute truth that I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal, that statement meant I was precluded from yawning or being bleary-eyed when I first arrived at the office. It also meant I would have to dispel of my ample morning rage before I reached the front doors every morning.

This morning, for example, I was livid at the following:

-The weird, powdery smell that emanates from my porch
-All the puddles I had to step around
-The tennis shoes in my backpack strategically poking me in my aching lumbar
-People on the train who use the adjacent seat to store their belongings
-The woman who swiped the seat I'd been eying for a good two stops
-The man whose earbuds were blaring thumping rap beats
-The clipboarder who approached me and asked me to sign his stinking petition. Some places should be sacred, people!

I exited the train only to be slapped in the nose with the dank smell of rained-on urine and began to mentally curse my maker. Then I saw this...

... and the King gave me a little religion.


  1. Stores in downtown Minneapolis are allowed to pipe music or, in the case of bars, the sound of sports games out onto the street. I hate this. For a good three weeks Macy's was pumping MC Hammer - at 8 a.m. I always thought the Geneva Convention prohibited that kind of thing.

  2. I'm glad Elvis helped center you. It's so much better to start the day thankful for all the good that's in your life. Personally, I say prayers of thanksgiving on my way to work every day. I find I'm a lot less hateful after I remind myself of all the things in my life that count as blessings.