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February 22, 2012

Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est un collier

As if there could be any doubt as to where I left my heart...

I saw the Minnesota version of this necklace on Pinterest and snapped it right up for Anna's birthday. Then I knew I had to get Frenchy versions for My Main Meuf Missy and me.

Mr. Sir and I have been Euro-nostalgia-ing real bad lately. We're watching documentaries about the Medicis and having romantical dates at fancy French restaurants where we order escargots and rue that they're already de-shelled.

I should probably be using my next paycheck to replace this wheezing laptop, but instead I'm putting it all toward a 10-day Visit in August to Paris, Diggy-town (Digoin), Charolly (Charolles) and a few other places that stole mon coeur.

Je vous verrai bientôt, mes amies.

PS: The title of this post is taken from a song by Quebecer Gilles Vigneault

PPS: Anyone want to go to Iceland with me for a few days on the way back?


  1. omd, so jelly!

    Also, I would think that de-shelled snails would look really unappetizing on the plate.

  2. I. Want. That. Necklace. Oof!

    And be sure to take lots of photos of Franceland when you go!

    -From another lady who is nostalgia-ing as well

  3. I would SO go to Iceland with you if I could afford it! (Darn kid ruining all my fun and sucking all my money). I've read so much about the steals you can get if you fly through there and just extend your layover...

  4. I want to wear Minnesota AND France at the same time! Love them. Oooh, you get to come back to France. If you feel like a visit to Provence, my apartment is usually free in August.

  5. Next time we're both wearing our necklaces let's touch them together and make magic.