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July 29, 2009

Dying of hot

It's been outrageously hot and humid in Portland for the past few days. On Monday it got up to 103. Yesterday hit 106. Today is supposed to be 107 or even a record-breaking 108. Not only do we not have air conditioning in our new apartment, we are without fans as well.

Yesterday morning I handed the manf $20 and told him to buy me something windy. He came home after a multiple-hour search to deliver the tragic news that Portland had sold out of every wind-maker. We were relegated to fanning each other with a number my little brother got me in Japan. It didn't help.

Sleeping is miserable because it only cools down to about 80 degrees. I've taken to spraying myself with a hose and dousing myself in a cold shower before bed, but it just evaporates and makes me even stickier than I was before.

To top it all off, our freezer isn't working. All of our lovely ice cream and popsicles turn to goo within hours.

I'm seriously considering sleeping at work/in the river/at a movie theater/inside a walk-in freezer tonight.


  1. Weather like that still gives me nightmares of a certain boss we both toiled under demanding that I "Call senior citizen centers and see how they're coping! Call Daugherty's and see if they've sold out of all their fans! Just go down to the Rose Garden and see what people are saying!" Nothing ever made me contemplate suicide more...

  2. Yikes! Here are some suggestions for hot weather survival:

    First--If you can find fans to purchase, borrow fans from those of your friends who have AC.

    Second--call landlord to fix the @#$% freezer. Popsicles are a necessary food item in weather such as you've described.

    Third--buy talcum powder to reduce stickiness.

    Good luck, little girl.

  3. Betsy-

    Please link some stories as to how Portland media is blowing this story out of proportion, I'd love to see how they turn this heat wave into a possible apocalypse.