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August 20, 2011

Excuse the dust

As with most other transitions in my life, my shift from unemployed bride-to-be to married breadwinner has struck me wordless. (Perhaps you will recall my three-week writer's block drought when I eased from globe-trotting gallivanter to unemployed bride-to-be this May-June.) Once again, my current life bears little resemblance to what it was but a few weeks ago-- the crafting-maniac-emotional-wreck-thin-for-no-good-reason Neenuh of yore is now perpetually-tired-and-slightly-plump-working-gal.

My transitions aren't quite complete; I still need to officially change my name in various places and move into an apartment with the Dude in a week. Once that's all settled my life could be pretty static for awhile... years, even. I don't anticipate many changes until we decide to add to our family.

Dude says we're not allowed to procreate until we can keep a plant alive for a year, so that could be awhile.

Please excuse the dust as I try to figure out what Neenuh G likes to write about.


  1. Well, if it makes you feel better, I've transitioned from carefree globetrotter to funemployed shmuck in a matter of weeks (with a major difference of me being in a relationship with a Cool Guy).

    I suggest you try out with a plant first. Then, if all goes well, get a goldfish. Those suckers can live for 3 years if given the chance. :-P

  2. I'm happy to provide plant food, grow lamps, good southern exposure. Let those plants grow and flourish!