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August 21, 2011

Non-criminal paint chip use

"At least we know that we can take as many of these as we want," the MIL told me as we browsed Lowe's paint chip selection. We definitely abused that privilege a few months ago when we were stuffing dozens of purple, pink, green and gray selections into our bags for use as escort cards.

But we were actually there for a legit reason this time-- Dude and I are moving into our cozy little abode this week, where everything is adorable but for the putrid yellow gracing the walls. I've never done much, decoration-wise, to anyplace I've ever lived. My apartments are always a jumbled mish-mash of others' cast-offs and it's never really bothered me. But religiously reading my friend Molly's home design blog and hearing of my other friends' Adventures in Home Ownership have convinced me that puke yellow just will not DO.

It's impossible to get an accurate photo of the colors, but we're looking at shades of gray-green for the living room and dining room/kitchen, with a crazy bright red for the bathroom and possibly an accent wall in the bedroom.

We have so much beautiful wall art from the wedding... it needs an equally beautiful backdrop.


  1. Red paint is super hard to do. We had around 6 coats in our kitchen and it's still uneven. The paint guy suggested a red tinted primer but it was obviously useless. Joe has a friend who is a painter and she said to use a green tinted primer. Good luck! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Oh, goodness. I so desperately wish that I had a yen for design, but the reality is that I try and fall terrifically short. We've finally reached critical mass though so something has to give.

    Anyway, I love the idea of using gray and am looking forward to living vicariously through your redecoration!