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June 12, 2011

Even more crafting

Programming announcement: I had a little blogging hiatus earlier this month because I had nothing to talk about but my wedding, and I didn't want to be one of those annoying people who only talked about their wedding. But who knows? Maybe you like France AND nups. And if you don't, just ignore me for the next 40-some days.


I've been heading down the the future-in-laws' about once a week for marathon GED (Git 'Er Done) sessions with the FMIL. Friday was our most epic one yet, and we did everything from getting a photo of the Dude's grandparents' wedding enlarged for display, to buying floofy hairpieces for the flower girls, to investigating gifts for the bridal party. 

Oh, and we tested some of the graham cracker toffee we're giving away as favors. I'm storing several portions of it in my freezer, and it's my duty as an American to test them every few days to ensure they still taste fresh and delicious. I'm really good at that part of wedding planning.

One of our GED tasks was to get paper for the escort cards.  This blog had an awesome idea: get paint chips in the wedding colors for the low low price of FREE. I convinced the FMIL to go to an unsuspecting Home Depot and help me pilfer approximately 160 paint chips in the above colors. Don't worry; next time will hit up another store to get our remaining 90 so we spread the love around. FYI: "shoplifting" free paint chips is a really good way to bond with your future mother in law.

We decided to make the favor boxes as complicated as possible. I wrote a little poem so people get the fact that they're getting graham crackers from the Grahams (hyuk!), and we printed them out on cardstock. We like pain, so we decided circles would be cuter than squares and spent a million years trying to manipulate the text to fit perfectly. Then comes the worst part: tying a tiny, slippery ribbon into a tiny adorable bow.

If you want to come over and help me do this I'll let you test some graham cracker toffee.

Lastly, it was time to finish my brooch bouquet. I just want to point out that I had the idea for mine before Miranda Lambert was even BORN. She totally copied me. Totally. 

The stems of the rest of my maids' bouquets are wrapped in ivory fabric and brocade trim, so we did mine in gold ribbon with pearl trim. FMIL coated the ribbon in fabric adhesive and then carefully wrapped that sucker up.Ain't she a beaut? 

Other tasks I accomplished this week include: writing a first draft of our charmingly complicated interfaith ceremony, writing a first draft of my vows, getting slimming undergarments for the dress so I don't have to worry about working out, getting a makeup consult (see my FB pic for results), and doing my first dress fitting. I had thought that my shoes would be tall enough that I would be able to avoid getting it hemmed, but I was dead wrong. Goodbye $50.

Goals for next week include: getting our marriage license, figuring out if a state shutdown would mean we couldn't do a courthouse marriage to make it legit, forcing the Dude to get measured for his tux if I have to move heaven and earth to make it happen, meet with the photographer, make a unity candle, find a glass for us to break, make a hairpiece and figure out our guestbook situation. Totally doable thanks to a little gift I call gainful unemployment.


  1. Wowzas, your wedding is way more detailed than any wedding I know of! it's going to be so sad to miss. Waaahhhh. I have Lutheran pastor hookups if the government shut down means just that. Why not have a Catholic/Jewish wedding with a Lutheran marriage certificate?

  2. The Wedding Fairy is 'appy to 'elp! Next week? Winesday? My Place?

  3. de christiane de l'accueil et sophie fait ton blog en francais