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June 26, 2011

In which I invite people to hurl projectiles at my face

Yesterday was my aufruf (pronounced OOF-roof), a Jewish celebration of the bride and groom. It mostly involves the couple getting called to the Torah for a blessing, after which everyone sings a song of well wishes called Siman Tov u'Mazel Tov (or as my dad prefers, "Cinnamon toast and matzah balls").

And then people rise from their seats and whip pieces of candy at you with all their might. It's supposed to symbolically wish the couple a sweet beginning, but I think the real purpose is to disfigure the bride to make sure the groom will still love her. I got a piece of taffy in the nose, and a well-aimed peppermint patty hit me square in the boob. The Dude went all chivalrous and shielded me from the rest of the flying bonbons. Thanks Dude!

After the service we had a celebratory luncheon at Temple where we served all the delicious eats my ma, seest0r and I had been slaving over the day before: orzo with roasted vegetables, panzanella, chickpea couscous, tuna salad, meringues with lemon curd, thumbprint cookies and devil pretzels. My pops contributed a smoked salmon platter and deviled eggs. Deeee-lish!

In other Jew news, last weekend my mom and I chose the matting and frame for my ketubah. Here's a sneak peek of how it will look:



  1. It was a lovely day, a lovely ceremony and a delicious lunch. The two of you looked great! Your dress was beautiful and so were you! AND we followed it up with a great walk along the lake walk! I don't think it could have been any better. It's the stuff of great memories.

  2. "Nina's Roasted Vegetable Orzo!" I promise you when I am fifty-five and still making this dish we will still call it by your name and think of you...