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June 9, 2011

Craft Night

During my search for accessories for my Flower Children and Defender of the Rings I've been plagued by the same nagging thought I often have as I wander through artisan craft fairs and fancy bakeries (no matter how far from the truth it is): "Pshh... I could MAKE that."

Since I actually have made a pillow before-- seventh grade home ec, whut whut-- I thought this time I could put my crafting where my mouth was. My buddy Kristin has her very own sewing machine and was kind enough to let me experiment on it. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got a yard of ivory satin fabric, two yards of lace trim, a roll of ivory ribbon, a cool pearl button and some cotton batting.

Now that I'm an expert, I will teach you how to make a Slightly Wonky Defender of the Rings Pillow:

Step 1: Make a Pattern

I used a ruler to cut an 8-inch square from a piece of notebook paper. Then I doubled my fabric and cut around it. As you can see, I wasn't as precise as I could have been, and that led to some problems later. I've never been good at straight lines...

Step 2: Attach Lace Trim

I wanted the lace to poke out the sides of the pillow, so Kristin helped me figure out he best way to pin it. We decided to sew the lace to one piece of the satin, and then put the other piece on top and sew it all together.

Step  3: Don't Swallow the Pins in Your Mouth

Satin is a tricksy little fabric for a novice to work with. It didn't help that I'd done a poor job cutting it out-- my seam was anything but even. At one point the needle lost the thread and I decided to be a big girl and re-thread it myself-- incorrectly, as it turns out. The machine started making terrible noises and threatening to kill us all. Thank G Kristin was there to troubleshoot and soothe Madame Bernina.

Step 4: Stuff It with Stuff

We made sure to leave a 3-inch gap in one of the seams to allow for stuffing. I packed in tuft after tuft of batting, and still only used a fraction of the $2.99 bag I bought. It was looking kind of lumpy so I punched it a few times until it obeyed.

Step 5: Finish and Make Pretty-Like

I took the pillow home with me to hand sew that last little seam we'd used for stuffing. Then I threaded a few feet of ribbon through the pearl button, and using a small button on the back of the pillow to anchor it, I sewed that baby on.

Voilà! My very own handmade Slightly Wonky Defender of the Rings Pillow!

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  1. Lady, I am TRES impressed by your domestic efforts. The mere thought of a sewing machine strikes fear of the highest order into my heart.