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May 26, 2011

Surviving unemployment

Last night my good friend Sac came over and gave me advice on how to handle all my newfound free time:

"Make baked goods and give them to some random person. It gives you something to do, somewhere to go, and when you get there, they have to let you in and talk to you for awhile because you just made them a delicious treat."

I may be temping pretty soon, but anyone within a reasonable bus ride from Uptown want some cookies in the meantime? Write me an amusing limerick in the comments and I'll show up on your doorstep with treats in my hand and a slightly crazed smile on my face that won't go away until you let me in and talk to me about something... anything... with real human words. 


  1. There once was a mom from Duluth
    Who wanted some time with Nina Ruth
    She begged and she pleaded
    Her request went unheeded
    Her recourse--to stay down in the mooth

  2. You could sit around watching Snooki
    Or instead you could bake me a cookie
    To my doorstep you arrive
    Bearing a lovely surprise
    Then we could chill together like wookies

    *wookie call (llllghghggghgghhhgh)

  3. I was totally here when I came to Austin after TFA. I felt so crappy, but everything changed and you are there's nothing to worry about. My dad advised me to enjoy the "time off" because you have to work like a dog the rest of your life. Hahaha...

  4. Ask her why she had to leave France
    She'll say she gave up her "pants"
    To wear a white dress instead
    A fine young artist she'll wed
    Then a deux she'll continue the dance.

    Bon courage my friend. Transitions are never easy, but this too shall pass...enjoy each day. Bisous.