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May 12, 2011

Passover Do-Over

I got back here to the good ol' USofA on Tuesday evening, and I've passed two sleepless nights and one foggy day wandering around Minnesota in a jet lag haze. I'm really hoping tonight's the night I can bed myself at a decent time and sleep in past 3 a.m.

Because, my dear dudes, I gots so much to do. tells me there are only 72 days left until the nups. That's two months and change to cross a gatrillion things off my to-do list. My task for myself at 2 a.m. was to goose my bare-bones registry with the result that my guests now have several outrageously expensive crystal bowls and frames (SO many frames) and brightly colored table runners to choose from. I also found a really cool sweater de-fuzzer and I was all, "YOINK."

My other big pre-Big Day task is to get back in fighting shape. Mama ate a lot of cheese in France-- in fact, my two most recent Monday evening meals were Repas de Frommage-- as well as pastries and baguettes and lord knows I drank wine like a fish (...a fish that drinks wine).

So I'm doing a Passover Do-Over. I was in Berlin during the week that celebrates the my fellow triblings' exodus from Egypt, and I wasn't about to abstain from beer or bratwurst during what may be my sole trip to Deutschland. But I feel I owe it to the Big Guy to atone for that, as well as all the traif I snarfed down during the past seven months. And what better way to France detox than to deny myself anything that contains flour?

Answer: there is no better way and this is the best idea ever. Remind me that I said that when I'm carb craving in three days' time.

PS: A blog reader recognized me in the airport in Iceland during my layover, which pretty much made my life and I can die happy now mercibeaucoup. Elizabeth, an English assistant in the region north of Paris and fellow Minnesotan, posts the most delectable pictures from her French life on her blog: Go check her out!


  1. Elizabeth is my former roomie and very good friend...I think I may have told her about you..she was in all the French classes with us and had FRP Akhurst, too! HEHE.

    Best of luck with all of your transitions and I know you will be a gorgeous bride.

    Glad to have you back :)

  2. Abs! We sat together on the plane and had a grand ol' time talking about how cool you are. And we also talked about good ol' FRP. :)

  3. 1. We definitely still have a half-box of matzo lurking in our cupboard.

    2. I suck at detoxing/cleansing (beyond drinking prolific amounts of tea after a particularly carb-y weekend), but good luck! After day 3, it will all get easier. By day 7? You can self-righteously talk about your cleanse. That in and of itself makes it totally worth it ;)