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February 13, 2008

Horse-lovers heap hope on horsicle

 border=When I was reporting the tale of a noble rancher determined to save a 9-month-old colt who had been left outside sans shelter in this weekend's frigid temperatures, I did so with a heavy dose of internal groaning at having been moved to the animal beat.

But, I tell yoo hwut, I could only be so lucky to have such an assignment. This story was plastered over a third of the front page and has been on our website's "most read" list all day long. People have called and emailed me asking where to send donations and extra blankets for the little guy. My managing editor approached me this afternoon to tell me the story had made her cry.

A woman calling herself a "faith healer who has been laying my hands on people for a long time" also called to offer her services to the horse. She described herself as a "child of God" who has visions and psychic powers. I called the rancher with tongue planted firmly in cheek to relay the offer, and by golly he's going to take her up on it.

I don't think I've ever had close to this much response on a story I've written. Now I'm itching to do the epitome of this kind of article: Singed Llama Carries Twin Babies on Back to Safety from Petting Zoo Blaze.

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  1. My mom just sent me a link to you, and I quote, heartwarming article.