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February 16, 2008

Pros and Cons: Being Sick

Con: I'm sick as a dowg.
Pro: I'm home, so I can profit from my parents' doting ministrations. My ma's been making me this excellent honey lemon tea. She also bought me jello and ice cream, which is pretty much all I ate when I had mono.

Pro: I no longer have a sore throat.
Con: Now I have a wracking cough and stuffed up nose, the consequences of which are the following: I must now breathe through my mouth, resulting in rancid breath, chapped lips, constant thirst and the inability to taste things.

Pro: Now that I'm back on insurance I was actually able to go to the doctor.
Con: He tested me for strep and mono, and when both came back negative he threw his hands in the air and yelled, "Now what?!? I don't know what you have and I DON'T CARE!"*

Con: I had to turn down an offer to go to the Cities and thus must suffer through another series of never-ending days to see my beloved.
Pro: Spent date night with the 'rents, going out to dinner and watching a movie. Their treat.

Pro: I stayed home from work on Thursday and caught up on a lot of reading and knitting.
Con: I had to go the whole day without a horsicle update and I was worried he'd croaked.
Pro: Went back to work yesterday and wrote our fourth update on the little guy. Local cover, bee-yotch. This critter's becoming my meal ticket.

*Slight dramatization

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