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February 8, 2008

No I can't.

This weekend one of the blogs I subscribe to posted a video of celebrities including and ScarJo putting Barack Obama’s New Hampshire concession speech to music. It’s gone mega-viral, so I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but just in case:

I’ve been oscillating between a handful of candidates for about a year now, but this film was so goshdarn inspiring it just about made me go out and tattoo “YES WE CAN!” on my forehead, chest, lower back and kneecaps.

But, as I often do with songs I like, I played it over and over. And over. And over over over. I have no media saturation to blame here. I did this to myself. Pieces of the song have been replaying themselves in my head for nearly a week now, and try as I might it just won’t stop.

I thought maybe watching the video again would satisfy my brain’s rabid need to hear those chords repeatedly. Wrong. I thought concentrating very hard on the song “New Soul,” which accompanies the new Mac ad, would lodge that in my brain instead. Wrong again.

I’m now at the point where hearing parts of the song in my mind’s ear makes me want to reject all semblances of change and just live the status quo under a rock until I die.

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