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March 31, 2008

Potential blog entries brainstormed during lunch time in the Skywalk

Look at you with your angst: A description of the hooligans from the downtown alternative high school that populate the Skywalk at all hours.

Walking through the Skywalk with a sandwich in my pocket: Don’t know how much I could flesh this out, but it has good rhythm. Might make for a nice song title.

Yo spring: where you at?: March is supposed to go IN like a lion, not OUT. God. Get your facts straight, Borealis.

Hippy for a day: I unwittingly forgot to put on deodorant today and have been self-conscious about it for approximately four hours now. I have yet to hear expressions of disgust from passers-by of my cube, so I think I’m going to survive the four hours I have left at the office before I rush home and slather it on. I’m thinking about the merits of buying a second “just in case” stick to keep in my desk.

Time for a snip: I find it outrageous that in the year 2008 the mullet continues to have a strong presence on the heads of my city’s denizens, several of whom are my coworkers. Evolve, people.

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  1. My girlfriend puts maxi pads in her pits on high-stress days.