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March 24, 2008

Wink thinks it's been too long since I've posted and I think she's right

The Setting: Subway. Skywalk. 1 p.m.
The Characters: Saucy Sandwich Artist, Hungry Man*

Saucy Sandwich Artist: What can I get for you?
Hungry Man: I’d like a 12-inch wrap.
SSA: (Prolonged guffaw) You want a 12-inch wrap?!? A wrap’s a wrap, sir. They ain’t got sizes.
HM: Well, I want a 12-inch turkey-bacon sandwich, but on a wrap.
SSA: So you want the double meat then?
HM: I guess.
SSA: (Starts making sandwich) Shoo… a 12-inch wrap. That’s good. That’s a good one.
HM: (Looks awkward)
SSA: Well don’t you worry, honey, I’m gonna make it real meaty for you.

And… scene.

*Events have been slightly dramatized

1 comment:

  1. This must be the same SSA that was there when I worked at Minnesota Power four years ago. He is truly a saucy man. He always gave me a lot of his meat.