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March 23, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

"I make zuh party wiz my fwend."
With just one other friend?
"Wiz my fwend-ZUH."

"I play zuh veedeogame."
Which game did you play?
I'm not familiar with that one. Is it a French game?

"I going in my muzzah."
That means you went inside your mother.
"I going in my muzzah 'ouse."

"I make zuh shopping."
One goes shopping. What's the past tense of to go?
"I make go shopping."

"I doing my 'omeworks."
Try again in past tense.
"I have do my 'omeworks."
Try again.
I did my homework. Homework is singular.
"I deed my 'omeworks."
Did you practice your English?
"Euh... no."


  1. This is so great. I just love you, Nina.

  2. franhahahaha (french laughter)
    these are great.

  3. (stumbled on your blog by way of the assistants forum!) - haha i love it. these conversations are basically my entire life. making parties in zee fruuuunch class ruumz, all day, all the time.