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March 12, 2011

Why I have a crick in my neck

The ceilings, man. The ceilings in Italy were wild. Frescoed, sculpted, tiled crazy talk. I'm shocked I didn't break a limb walking into something while I was staring straight up. Although... at one point I had my elbows raised so I could take a snap of a dome, and I was still gazing heavenward as I brought my arms down. Somehow a woman of short stature had wandered under my armpit in that time, and I accidentally dropped a 'bow on her head.

But other than that, yeah, no ceiling-staring-related injuries...

Dome of St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome

Ceiling of Sistine Chapel, Rome
Dome of Pantheon, Rome
Ceiling of St. Ignatius' Cathedral, Rome
Dome of Duomo, Florence
Ceiling of library in Duomo, Siena
Dome of Duomo, Siena

1 comment:

  1. Biyutifool ceilings! I can't wait to see larger images.