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March 25, 2011

That Happy-Sad Feeling

When my little brother was younger, he came up with a series of Mixed-Emotion faces to amuse and delight his three older siblings. Sammy (also known as "The Face") was blessed with a supremely flexible facial epidermis, which allowed him to encompass multiple emotions à la fois. His most successful of these caricatures is that of the Happy-Sad face, as illustrated below:

Happy-Sad perfectly describes how I'm feeling this week.

Cloudless skies and temps warm enough to wear a dress. Happy. Saying goodbye to some of my favorite students, urging them to write me if they ever come to America. Sad. Knowing that when I return I'll be living in Uptown Minneapolis with my favorite roommate of all time, and just minutes away from many of my other Lovely Lady Lumps. Ecstatic. Knowing that I have to go back to a real job and real responsibilities. Gloomy.

Feeling famous as students shout my name and give me les bises as I walk down the street. Excited to be anonymous again. Knowing I'll miss being surrounded by French. Knowing I'll love being enveloped in the nasal vowels and Oh Yahs and the You Betchas. Eating baguettes still warm from the oven and cheap but fabulous cheeses and wine while I still can. Dreaming about mojitos a the Kitty Cat Klub and sushi at Nami and the tuna melts at the French Meadow Bakery.

Wishing I could make this idyllic, perfect French experience last forever. Itching to get back to my life and loved ones.

So much to miss, so much to come back to. Happy-sad. 


  1. Even though we live different lives, and don't even know what the Kitty Cat Klub is, I so easily find myself in this post. Thanks, Nina!

  2. It's odd how experiences and places can shape us, isn't it?

    I really enjoyed reading this post...I can identify with a lot of what you are going through :)


  3. Happy-Sad describes it perfectly. I don't want to live here but I don't want to leave.

    Minneapolis is hard to beat though - and I've been to the French Meadow Bakery!

  4. Yeah, the French Meadow rules. I'm missing a lot of Minneapolis culinary delights right about now.

    I'm feeling oh so happy/sad, too!