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March 12, 2011

Land of Funny Names

I was combing through my archives this morning and noticed this post, which I fully intended to publish about a month ago but didn't. Many apologies to those who have been dying to hear about my weekend in Switzerland.

My Main Meuf Missy (M&M&M) has friends scattered across the globe, and for her birthday her dearest wish was to have as many as possible gather in the Swiss town of Herznach. Where's Herznach, you ask? Oh, you know... just outside of Frick. You read that correctly. FRICK. Herznach is in fact smack dab in the middle of a cluster of towns with the Best Names Ever.

Check out this map my friend Kelly made of what would be the ultimate Land of Funny Names road trip, which takes you on a delightful voyage of Frick--> Stumpholz--> Schupfart--> Mumpf--> Bad Säckingen--> Egg--> Murg--> Butz:

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Since we had but the weekend, we were forced to save that epic journey for another time. But we did manage to knock two off the list.

We didn't see a whole lot of Frick, but what we did seemed very clean and neutral (it's in Switzerland, after all). We hit up every store we could think of to search for Frick-ing postcards, but left empty-handed and bemoaning the fate of our quest. "Frick!" we exclaimed when returning unsatisfied from every single store. "Frick..."

The next day we walked to Germany. It was a great motivating factor that on the other side of the river lay a quaint German town by the name of Bad Säckingen. I never found out where Good Säckingen was, but that was OK because we ate really good ice cream in the Bad one.

So there you have it. We went from Frick, Switzerland to Bad Säckingen, Germany, and then we ate some Fruithagel and Puur Hagel Slag. And then we died of awesome.


  1. A-

    Would have been an A+ if you had stopped in between the two to go to Schupfart.

  2. I mean seriously. Nothing is funnier than a town with "fart" in the name.

    I guess you do deserve extra credit for the Puur Hagel Slag, though.