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November 4, 2007

Thank you, Daylight Savings Time, for choosing the weekend I LEAST need you

I posted a lot this weekend. Wanna know why? I'm bored out of my skull, that's why. Wink, my usual weekend buddy, is out of commission at the moment because her manly love is in town. So while I'm sure they're quite enjoying having a whole 'nuther hour to snuggle in, as an already-early riser, I'm dying over here. I'm dying, I tell you! I don't need another hour in the day! I would be quite happy with three less, as a matter of fact! Gah, bloop and bollocks. I'm going to make a paper chain counting down all the minutes I have left before the yarn store opens and I can get the materials to make some knitted sushi in honor of the one social thing I did this weekend.


  1. I dreamt of you last night. We talked about how well your last post concluded.

    So though you may not have been particularly out and about physically, you definitely did travel to Mexico last night in spirit.

    PS. Thought of posting this anonymously but then thought that might creep you out.

  2. What does one do with knitted sushi?