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December 15, 2007

Ladies' Men

Overheard on the Metro:

Fratboy 1: So today, I was, like, texting with Morgan. I was like, "I had a Caesar salad with salmon; are you proud?" And she was like, "Yeah, five points for fish." Then I was like, "So we're going to be rolling in Arlington later, you in?" And she was like, "Was that meant for me?"

Fratboy 2: Oh man... Snap.

Fratboy 1: I know, right? So I was like, "Yes it was meant for you. We're going to a party if you want to hit that."

Fratboy 2: NICE!

Fratboy 1: Yeah, so she was like, "I don't want to hook up with you if that's what you mean."

Fratboy 2: Dude, she so totally does. That girl is like horny as a toad. She totally wants to get stuffed.

Fratboy 1: Totally.


  1. Sitting in Middlebrook back in 04 I overheard a similar conversation.

    Fratboy 1: So, she like has huge tits.
    Random boy 2: (head nod as if to acknowledge the statement. No judgment, just acknowledgement)
    Fratboy 1: And like, we've already talked about if we go out again, I don't know if there's anything else to talk about.
    Random boy 2: (head nod again. This time in a manner that indicates agreement but without any excess of emotion)

    My thought: O. Em. Gah!

  2. It's true, she does totally want to get stuffed.

  3. Yeah, Erik knows. That girl don't like an empty sausage wallet.

    (I so wish I could claim "sausage wallet" as my own but I can not)