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July 12, 2011

Are you ready for some fricking cuteness?

 Then check out these puppies!

Yeah, that's right. MINI brooch bouquets for the flower children. Can you stand it? Can you EVEN stand it?

I had absolutely nothing to do with them so I can't tell you how to make your own, but mayhaps I can wrangle a guest post--or at least some secrets-- out of my Crafting Wizard Step-Aunts-To-Be. What I do know is that if you plan to attend the nups you'd best wear some shades lest you risk being blinded by CUTE!

In other news, discussions continue as to how my 7-year-old Defender of the Rings should best accessorize his outfit. His first idea of a walker was (wisely) nixed by his mother, as were bagpipes. Now a monocle, hobbit feet, a peg leg and other grand ideers have been thrown out there.

What do you think he should add to make his outfit 100% unique?


  1. PANDA HAT to make him a Ring Bear(er)!

  2. Light saber. You can't go wrong with a Jedi to protect you (or the rings).

  3. Oh, those are just adorable! I like how the bling nested into the "floral" component.

    p.s. My vote is for the monocle. Or once I was at a wedding where the ushers wore sabers. Maybe a mini-saber in a sheath could be feasible?

  4. Of course you know what I'm going to say: red beret and a fake 'stache. Oh, and a baguette in the handlebars of his bike.