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July 6, 2011

Headpiece Parade!

With the help of FMIL, I finally finished my fascinator for the nups. I really liked a certain $80 number from David's Bridal, but why spend all those clams when I could craft the one below for $6? Why, I ask you?

I'm not totally sold on the spidery feathers jutting out the sides, but the beauty of making a $6 fascinator is that I can trim those suckers should I choose to without a care in the world. The feathers are from a floofy at Claire's, and FMIL purchased the fabric rose and sparklies from a fabric store at 50% off. After the morning I had yesterday it felt just great to Triumph and Achieve.

Ella, the Dude's King Charles Cavalier, got jealous of my finery so we made her a beautiful number from some leftover tulle and sparkly flowers from our brooch bouquet-crafting days of yore.

She didn't want to take it off. 


  1. PLEASE tell me Ella is coming to the wedding. I want to slow dance with her...

  2. Ella would be the perfect pup of honor - she looks adorable!

    I am 11/10 impressed with all the DIY you have been busting out - I seriously can't wait to see it in action.

  3. Ella does look adorable in that! It would probably be bad to mention that our King Charles, Henry, served as ringbearer at our wedding. (Wandered here from EmilyInTheGlass - best of luck with the wedding)