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July 31, 2011

Wedding Cake, Before and After

One of the things I was 100% sure about when it came to wedding planning was that I did NOT want a big frou-frou wedding cake. I don't even like cake that much, and I definitely don't like frosting (I know, I know, I'm a robot, we've been over this).  We were going to have French macarons and everyone was just going to have to deal.

But somehow I got talked into having an 8-inch cake for Dude and me to cut into, because someone convinced me that that was an Important Thing. And our bakery, Sweets Bakeshop, came up with the adorable idea to have red ranunculus climb up it, just like our invitations.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bauer.

The cake ended up on a table in the corner during the reception, which was just as well because people were going nuts for the macarons. NUTS! Dude and I shoved miniscule chunks of cream cheese-frosted confection around each other's faces while the photogs snapped away (note to future brides: try to do this before the servers remove all the napkins from the tables) and then continued on to other amusing parts of the reception, like learning the Stanky Legg.

The remnants of our gâteau ended up in the back of a car for awhile, and then freezered as-is. We unearthed it today in honor of our one week-aversary (thanks for all the calls, jerks) and decided to give it a real taste. The top layer was salted-caramel flavor and very yum-ful. The bottom appears to be red velvet. We got them contained real nice-like in an ice-cream bucket and sent them to the frigid depths of MIL's freezer, where they'll live for the next year.

The moral of this story is that you should eat your vegetables.


  1. Salted caramel sounds glorious.

    I'm still somewhat astonished and horrified by the amount of macarons I snarfed before making my exit. For the record, I ate more of them in the week of/your wedding than I actually did in France. Gold star.

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